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Netanyahu Says Iranians 'Deserve Freedom' Amid New Protests

Isreali Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks at the Kohelet Policy Forum conference in Jerusalem, January 8, 2020

Speaking to his cabinet Sunday January 12, the Israeli Prime Minister referred to the latest developments in Iran, praising the courage of Iranians who are again protesting against the Islamic Republic.

"They (Iranians) deserve freedom; they deserve liberty; they deserve the ability to live in security and peace – all of the things that this regime is preventing them from having," Netanyahu affirmed.

New protests erupted in Iran on January 11 and continued for a second day.

Netanyahu went further, and blasted the leaders of the Islamic Republic, noting, "Iran is not only oppressing its nation and coordinating terrorism throughout the Middle East, but it also caused the death of 176 people and after that hid it and lied to the international community," Jerusalem Post cited Netanyahu as saying.

A day earlier, the Islamic Republic had admitted to shooting down a Ukrainian Airlines passenger plane on January 8, killing all 176 onboard.

Relaying his condolences to the people of Iran, the Israeli Prime Minister asserted that the Islamic Republic is the focal point of terrorism in the Middle East.

Meanwhile, he praised U.S. President Trump's latest decision to impose new sanctions on Tehran, "I praise President Trump for putting new, very severe sanctions on this regime," he said.

Furthermore, he called on France, Germany, and the U.K. to join American efforts in exerting more pressure on Tehran.

"They need to go to the [U.N.] Security Council, and there they need to activate the sanctions that they decided on in the past," he said.