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Netanyahu: Fight Against Iran's Military, Nuclear Programs Continued 'In Recent Days'

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday said he the fight against Iran's nuclear program, ballistic missiles and the country's military presence in Syria has "continued' in recent days.

Speaking at a press conference in Jerusalem on Thursday evening mainly dedicated to his plans regarding the coronavirus crisis the Israeli Prime Minister said the details of the actions taken "better remain untold".

This was the first time Netanyahu indirectly made a reference to alleged operations against Iranian nuclear, military, energy and industrial sites in recent weeks, including an explosion at Natanz uranium enrichment facility, which has been attributed to Israel.

Gabi Ashkenazi, the Foreign Minister of Israel a day after the July 4 explosion at Natanz said Israel has a long-term policy over the course of many administrations not to allow Iran to have nuclear capabilities.

“This regime with those abilities is an existential threat to Israel, and Israel cannot allow it to establish itself on our northern border," he said and added: "We take actions that are better left untold”, he added.

Based on views of Israeli experts, Jerusalem Post on Thursday in an article said it is fair to say that Mossad's 2018 operation – seizing Tehran's nuclear secrets from under its nose – helped set the stage for the explosions, "if Israel is involved".

In 2018 the Israeli Prime Minister announced that more than half a ton of secret Iranian nuclear documents including 55,000 written on CDs had been stolen from a warehouse near Tehran by Israeli agents.

On July 5, the New York Time quoted a Middle Eastern intelligence official as saying that Israel was responsible for the attack on Natanz nuclear complex and the explosion was caused by a powerful bomb as well as a member of the Revolutionary Guard who also said an explosive had been used. Both had spoken on condition of anonymity.

Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Mousavi on July 13 said Iran would show a decisive reaction if Israel's involvement in the Natanz incident was proved.