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Netanyahu Says 'Fix It Or Nix It' Of Iran Nuclear Deal

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses the 72nd session of the General Assembly at the United Nations in New York September 19, 2017

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaking at United Nations General Assembly in New York voiced his strong opposition to the Iran nuclear agreement.

He said as long as Iran seeks to destroy Israel it will face no fiercer enemy than the Jewish state, which will take necessary action to prevent Tehran from establishing permanent military bases in Syria.

Focusing also on Iran's role in Syria, Netanyahu said Israel will act to prevent Iran from producing weapons in Syria or Lebanon "to be used against us" and "from opening new terror fronts against Israel along our northern border."

Drawing a parallel between Iran and North Korea, Netanyahu again called for the "dangerous" nuclear deal with Iran to be scrapped, otherwise Iran can also one day produce hundreds of nuclear weapons.

"Change it, or cancel it. Fix it, or nix it," Netanyahu said warning of the danger Iran's nuclear capabilities could pose to the world.

The Israeli leader thanked President Donald Trump for the support he has shown the Jewish state. He also sounded a positive note about his country's standing in the world, insisting that the attitudes of many countries are changing toward Israel, as it proves to be a leader in technology and the fight against terrorism.

He condemned the decades-long criticisms that have emanated from the U.N. against Israel.

Reporting by Reuters and AP