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Middle And Low Income Iranians Can't Even Afford Tuna, Says Industry Insider

File - Iranians shop at Shahrvand supermarket chain. Undated
File - Iranians shop at Shahrvand supermarket chain. Undated

A member of Iran’s canned foods association says low and middle income people cannot afford canned tuna any longer, due to price inflation.

Saleh Adibzadeh told Iran’s semi-official ILNA news website on Monday, “Canned tuna was a regular part of the food basket for middle and low income strata and for university students”, but they cannot afford one tuna can for 140,000-180,000 rials.

This amounts to $1.30-1.65, which might not be so expensive in other countries, but minimum wage in Iran is a little more than $120 a month in Iran, with the current free market exchange rate.

Iran’s currency has depreciated more than threefold in the past two years, as chronic economic problems made worse by U.S. sanctions have led to serious economic problems for the country.

Adibzadeh added that the jittery currency, plus “adopting wrong policies” have increased the price of canned foods and the cost of production will more likely rise further.

The industry insider also disclosed that production of canned tuna has decreased by 50-70 percent and “now we are operating by less than 50 percent of production capacity”.