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Large Fire Hits Shipyard In Iran's Persian Gulf Port

Fire in a boat factory in Bushehr port on Iran's Persian Gulf coast. July 15, 2020

At least seven vessels caught fire in a massive blaze at a shipyard in Bushehr's port in southern Iran, the head of the local Crisis Management Organization disclosed on Wednesday, July 15.

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC)-linked Tasnim news agency cited Jahangir Dehqani as saying that the fire has not yet been contained, and the cause is not clear.

Based on local media, the fire broke out at 13:00 Iran time (+5:30 GMT) at Bushehr's launch manufacturing shipyard. It manufactures small ships that cross the Persian Gulf transporting cargo between coastal cities.

Strong winds and fiberglass used in manufacturing the vessels intensified the blaze, reports say.

According to Dehqani, the damage to the shipyard is not yet known, but there have been no casualties.

In the last two months, suspicious fires have occurred in various parts of Iran, including pastures and forests and some urban areas and industrial centers across the country.

These include a devastating accident at a centrifuge manufacturing workshop in Iran's uranium enrichment center in Natanz nuclear facility, an explosion in east Tehran, an explosion and fire at a medical center in Tehran and a fire at the Zargan power plant in Ahvaz, the capital city of the oil-rich province of Khuzestan, southwest Iran.

The Islamic Republic's Supreme National Security Council chaired by President Hassan Rouhani says that in at least one case, the blaze at Natanz, the fire's cause has been determined but for "security considerations," will not be announced until further notice.

Nonetheless, numerous experts believe that the Natanz facility was hit by sabotage that would delay Tehran's nuclear activities for two years.

All these incidents have led to speculation that a campaign of sabotage is underway in the clergy-dominated Iran.

The blaze in Bushehr shipyard was the second fire reported on Wednesday. Earlier., another mysterious fire had been reported at an aluminum factory in the city of Lamer, southern Iran.