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Kurds In Iran Hold Multiple Protests Against Turkey's Incursion Into Syria

Protest in Marivan, Iran against Turkey's military operation in Syria. October 12, 2019

Iranian Kurds have come out into streets on Saturday protesting Turkey’s incursion into Syria’s Kurdish populated and controlled northeast, multiple social media images show.

Turkey decided to send its army into northeastern Syria in a large military operation to carve out a “safe zone”, accusing Kurdish forces who fought with the United States against the Islamic State group as “terrorists”.

One social media user posted a video showing people in Piranshahr, near the Iraqi border protesting on a main thoroughfare.

Protests in Piranshar

Other social media posts show demonstrations in Sanandaj, Baneh and Marivan; all in Western Iran, where the Kurdish population lives. The hashtag #Resistance is being used on Persian Twitter accounts.

All images received by Radio Farda show these protests were held peacefully, without any interference from authorities, who are sensitive to public gatherings and usually order security forces to disburse crowds.

As a result of Turkish shelling and air attacks there are many civilian casualties among Kurds in Syria. The United States adopted a tough tone against Turkey’s operation on Friday, threatening sanctions if Ankara continues to use overwhelming force.

Earlier, President Donald Trump had signaled his agreement or neutrality for the Turkish attack.

Protests in Marivan, Western Iran