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Khamenei Orders 25 Military Bases To Be Moved Out Of Cities In Iran

File photo - People visit an army war exhibition organised ahead of national Army Day, at a military base in central Tehran, 16Apr2009

Iran’s ministry of roads and urban development has announced that Islamic Republic Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has ordered 25 military bases to be moved out of cities.

The website of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development has reported that the military bases will receive alternative venues and the current properties they occupy will be used for urban development.

The website says Iran’s parliament approved a law nine years ago to move military bases and barracks out of urban centers, but the full implementation of the law has faced problems, especially in the capital Tehran.

Both the regular Iranian army and the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) have many military facilities in large cities.

According to the ministry’s report already 19 military installations have been moved out of cities.

In the past, there have been complaints that in the case of a conflict the civilian population will face danger from collateral damage.

It is not clear if the timing of this announcement is related to rising tensions with the United States.