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Israeli Leader Says Economic Pressure On Iran Bearing Fruit

Israel -- Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel Prime Minister, in a new video speaking in English with Farsi subtitles, compared "the courage" of Iranian national soccer team to "the courage" of demonstrators in Iranian streets.

Israel's prime minister says demonstrations taking place in Iran prove that international economic pressure against the Islamic Republic is working.

Benjamin Netanyahu told a military ceremony on Thursday that the U.S. decision to withdraw from the international nuclear deal with Iran and re-impose sanctions is causing "economic upheaval" and undermining public support for the government.

"Not only has the re-imposition of sanctions not united the Iranian public around the regime, the complete opposite is happening," he said. "Many in Iran understand that the regime of the ayatollahs is wasting precious resources on foreign military subversion instead of investing in civilian needs at home."

Israel and Iran are archenemies. Netanyahu has been an outspoken opponent of the nuclear deal and welcomed the U.S. withdrawal.