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Netanyahu Says Israel Expanding Middle East Ties, But Not With Iran

ISRAEL -- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivers a speech during a diplomatic conference organised by daily Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post focused on Israel's security and economic ties with countries globally, in Jerusalem, December 6, 2017

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told a diplomatic conference on Wednesday that Israel won’t allow Iran to establish a military base in Syria and he called on the world to halt Iran’s development of ballistic missiles, nuclear power and its support of "global terrorism."

“We have to act now against Iran,” Netanyahu said at the Jerusalem Post Diplomatic Conference.

“We will not let them establish themselves in Syria,” Netanyahu said. “We mean what we say and we say what we mean,” he added.

Netanyahu also announced that Israel is expanding ties throughout the Middle East, but not with Iran.

Netanyahu said Israel has relations "with nearly every single one" of nations that do not formally recognize it, due to their growing need for its economic and security expertise."

"See that country in red? By the way that's not on our list of diplomatic allies," he said, pointing to Iran on a map. He described Iran as an "aggressive regime" seeking nuclear weapons and a "land bridge" via Iraq and Syria to the Mediterranean sea.

With reporting by AFP, Jerusalem Post