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Iranians React To Partial Withdrawal: 'Total Loss And Nothing More'

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani (L), talking with his foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif (C) and accompanied with his chief of staff Mahmoud Vaezi, just before a meeting with Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro, on September 10, 2017. File photo

Iranians on social media reacted to Iran's partial withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear agreement with anger and sarcasm, highlighting the Iranian administration's double standards, and pointing out its mistakes.

One social media user, Mehdi Yahyanezhad who is a cyber guru from North America wrote that had President Hassan Rouhani suspended JCPOA immediately after the U.S. withdrawal, Trump would have been responsible for the consequences, but now his policy of gradual withdrawal will be blamed for the failure of the nuclear deal.

Political activist Mohammad Mozaffari in Iran pointed out Iranian Foreign Minister's double standard in interviews with Iranian and foreign news agencies, quoting him as telling foreign agencies "We will not leave the JCPOA," while telling Iranian agencies "We have never signed the agreement".

In another tweet he wrote: "They said they will set fire to JCPOA if America withdraws. They said they will shut down the strait of Hormuz if Iran oil exports stop. They said they will destroy U.S. ships in the Persian Gulf if Khamenei says so. They didn't do anything." Mozaffari then tells the Iranian administration, "Do not bring about more disgrace. The people know that all this is boastful bragging."

Like many other Iranians on social media, Hadi Mousavi said that Iran will definitely negotiate with America, but only when it is too late to get any concessions.

Adviser of former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Abdolreza Davari in Iran noted that today's partial withdrawal by Iran was in fact an endorsement of a decision the U.S. made four days ago to put an end to the waiver on transferring Iran's heavy water to other countries and trading its yellow cake with enriched uranium. Davari’s point is that Iran today announced it will not export its heavy water any longer; a restriction that actually the U.S. had already announced this week.

A Twitter user writing under the alias Lilith criticized Rouhani for saying that the nuclear deal was in the interest of the region and the world, adding, "It was in the interest of your pocket, but it was against the region and the whole world."

Another Twitter user writing under the alias Ryan wrote, before Rouhani managed to imitate Trump and threaten to leave the JCPOA, France told him that he has to face more sanctions by Europe if he ever did so. "There is nothing more enjoyable than seeing the desperation of the Tehran regime," he wrote.

Yet another Iranian on Twitter using the name and picture of a comedian as his avatar, sarcastically wrote: "52 weeks after Rouhani threatened the Europeans with a pull-out from JCPOA, he gave yet another 9 weeks to fulfill their obligations."

Farid Ebrahimi wrote that had Iran left the JCPOA last year, it could have some support from the world community. He characterized Iran's partial withdrawal on Wednesday as "Once again, a total loss, and nothing more."