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Iranian Young Couple Arrested For 'Proposing In Public'

A group of young Iranians in the hills above Tehran, trying to have fun together away from the prying eyes of the morality police. File photo

Police in Arak, the capital of Iran's Central Province, have arrested a young couple on the charges of undermining Islamic chastity.

The arrest took place after a video on social media showed the young man proposing to the young woman at a mall.

Reports from Iran say that clerics in the city have accused the couple of promoting illicit relationship and living together without getting married.

The clerics probably did not like the couple hugging each other in public after the proposal.

Reports say the couple have been released on bail, although according to the police, the couple are legally wed.

Iran's Supreme Leader, whose vision for the future of Iran includes a population of 150 million, has often called on young people to get married.

It is a common practice for chastity police to arrest unmarried couples holding hands or even walking together in public, but arresting a married couple for having proposed in public is definitely a rarity even in Iran where clerics are sensitive with to even legitimate relations between men and women.