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Iranian State TV Puts Responsibility On Europe To Protect Economy, Save Nuclear Deal

U.S. sanctions have led to major economic difficulties in Iran.
U.S. sanctions have led to major economic difficulties in Iran.

Iranian state TV has said it is up to Europe to protect Iran from U.S. sanctions and prevent it from reducing its compliance with the landmark 2015 nuclear agreement signed with world powers.

"The ball is in Europe's court. Are Paris, London, and Berlin going to again waste a chance under the influence of [U.S. President Donald] Trump, or use the remaining opportunity to fulfill their promises and act on their commitments under the [nuclear deal]?," Iranian state TV said on June 29.

Trump in May 2018 withdrew from the nuclear deal that provided Tehran with relief from sanctions in return for curbs on its nuclear program.

Trump, who said the terms of the deal were not strict enough, reimposed sanctions, leading to major economic difficulties in Iran.

U.S. allies France, Britain, and Germany have vowed to remain part of the deal after unsuccessfully urging Washington to remain a part of the accord. Russia and China have also said they will continue to honor the agreement.

Tehran has threatened to cut back its compliance of the accord unless Europe protects it from the economic fallout from the renewed U.S. sanctions.

Based on reporting by AP, Fars, and Khorasan