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Iranian State Officials To Declare Assets To Judiciary

File photo:Meeting of Iranian Judiciary officials

The Iranian judiciary has announced new regulations requiring state officials to declare their assets, Iranian news agencies reported on June 11.

The regulation stipulates that state officials and their family members must declare their possessions in cash and kind and real estate to the judiciary. However, the information will not be made available for the public.

Based on the original law that was passed in 2015 and was not enforced by the judiciary since then, the judiciary chief may choose to publish the information in the interest of transparency.

The supreme leader, the president, vice-presidents, and cabinet ministers as well as their wives and children are among those who are required to declare their assets. But the judiciary chief is not allowed by law to publicize details of the possessions of the members of the Guardian Council, the Assembly of Experts, or the parliament.

A board, including three high-ranking judges and the judiciary chief, has been tasked with reviewing the state officials' assets. In case there is an unusual change in anyone's assets, they must explain the change to the board within one month.

The law was passed first in 2007 but was rejected by the Guardian Council. The legislation was finally approved by the Expediency Discernment Council in 2015, but there was no news about its implementation until now.