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Iranian Ships Stranded In Brazil As Sanctions Prevent Refueling

Bavand ship is owned by Iranian state company Sapid Shipping Co

Two Iranian cargo ships cannot leave Brazil as they cannot refuel due to U.S. sanctions against Iran, Reuters reported.

The Brazilian state-owned oil company has been refusing to refuel the Iranian vessels for several weeks now for considerations relating to the implications of U.S. sanctions.

Brazil’s port authority says the ships are loaded with maize, which as a foodstuff is not subject to U.S. sanctions against Iran.

Iran is one of the major importers of agricultural products from Brazil and has imported over 2.5 million tons of maize from Brazil during the past year.

According to Reuters, ships sailing under the Iranian flag usually carry enough fuel for their return journey, but these two ships do not have enough fuel to leave Brazil.

The Brazilian oil company says the two vessels’ names, Bavand and Termeh, are on a list of sanctioned ships and this can have consequences for the oil company.

The report says that as a last resort Iran may have to send fuel for the ships.

The two vessels are carrying 110,000 tons of maize for Iran.