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Iranian Minister Says Trump Will Take His Wish For Negotiations 'To His Grave'

File photo - Mahmoud Alavi, Iran's minister of intelligence
File photo - Mahmoud Alavi, Iran's minister of intelligence

Iran’s intelligence minister has said that by pulling out of the nuclear agreement, President Donald Trump lost his last chance to talk with Iran and will take his wish for negotiations “to his grave with him”.

Mahmoud Alavi was quoted by Iranian media on Thursday as saying that the U.S. president gave the coup de grace to his “last chance” to negotiate with Tehran.

Alavi added, the U.S. withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear agreement known as JCPOA, and the reimposition of sanctions was a “violation of international commitments” and insisted that “ultimately victory will be with Iran”.

The United States had repeatedly voiced its readiness to negotiate without preconditions, before imposing sanctions on Iran’s foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif. Iranian leaders rejected these offers. The Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said negotiations with the U.S. is “double poison.”

Sanctioning Zarif was the latest major pressure tactic by the U.S. Iran responded by calling the decision an inherently contradictory step, as Zarif is the country’s chief diplomat and the man the U.S. is supposed to negotiate with if its is seeking a diplomatic solution.