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Iranian Kurdish Group Says Iran Attacked Its Base In Iraq

Photo shows the aftermath of a September 10 missile attack by Iran on a Kurdish dissident group in Iraq.

Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (KDPI) says Iranian military has attacked its forces on Sunday afternoon, September 30, on Mount Kodo over the border in Iraq.

The mountain is located outside western city of Piranshahr, in Iranian Kurdistan province, neighboring Iraq.

The Iranian authorities have not yet commented on the allegation.

In an official statement, KDPI says that one of its personnel was slightly injured during the bombardment by an Iranian drone.

Iranian born veteran politicians, 60-year old Mostafa Moloudi and 73-yer old Mostafa Hijri serve in the Kurdish party as the leader and General Secretary, respectively.

The anti-Islamic Republic dissident party published a photo on its website depicting the shell of a rocket allegedly launched by an Iranian drone on its base in Choman district in the Iraqi Kurdistan.

Earlier, on September 9, Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) had admitted that it was behind a rocket assault the day before on the Iranian Kurdish rebel group in Iraq that killed at least 11 people.

"In a successful operation, the Guards' aerospace unit, along with the army's drone unit...targeted a criminal group's meeting and a terrorist training center with seven short-range surface-to-surface missiles," the statement said.

It was later reported that fourteen were killed and at least forty injured during the attack.

Iraqi government immediately condemned the act, calling it “violation of Iraq’s sovereignty”.

Retaliating to Baghdad’s protest, Iranian Armed Forced Chief of Staff, Major General Mohammad Hussein Bagheri sad that Tehran had repeatedly demanded Baghdad and Kurdish authorities in northern Iraq to expel all anti-Islamic Republic armed groups.

Nevertheless, the spokesman of Iraqi Kurdistan, officially known as Kurdistan Region, dismissed the demand and insisted that the dispute between Tehran and dissident Kurdish groups could not be resolved through military action.

The Sunday afternoon attack was carried out as the Kurdistan Region was holding regional parliamentary election.

Since 2016, when the Kurdish dissident groups reported that they had spread their forces across Iranian Kurdistan, the number of clashes between IRGC forces and the Kurdish parties have significantly icreased.

While the Islamic Republic describes Kurdish dissident groups as “anti-Islamic Revolution” and “terrorist”, the armed groups maintain that their main goal is “defending human rights for the Kurdish” minority in Iran.