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Iranian Journalist Arrested Again After His Bail Was Raised Tenfold

Iranian journalist Masoud Kazemi who has been arrested on May 22, 2019.

The defense lawyer of Iranian reformist journalist Massoud Kazemi says his client has been arrested in Tehran on Wednesday May 22.

The defense lawyer broke the news of the journalist's arrest on his Twitter.

Ali Mojtahedzadeh wrote that Kazemi who was previously arrested in October 2018 and released on bail, was detained after he reported to a court in Tehran on Wednesday.

The court changed Kazemi's bail from one billion rial [roughly $10,000] to ten billion [around $100,000] and added new accusations to his indictment.

Kazemi who has previously worked with Sharq and Qanoun newspapers, was the editor of Seda-ye Parsi monthly magazine.

Last year, Kazemi wrote on his Twitter about financial corruption at the Iranian Ministry of Industry and asked President Hassan Rouhani and other officials questions about the murder of Iranian intellectuals and political activists by Intelligence Ministry agents in the late 1990s.

It is not clear what prompted the judicial authorities to raise the bail and arrest Kazemi.

Iran has arrested hundreds of journalists in the last two decades and many have spent years behind bars on ambiguous charges.