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Iranian Diplomat Tells Reporters Tehran Just Wants To Sell Oil

File photo - An oil tanker is pictured off the Iranian port city of Bandar Abbas, which is the main base of the Islamic republic's navy and has a strategic position on the Strait of Hormuzon April 30, 2019.

Iran's main demand in talks on its nuclear deal is to be able to sell its oil at the same levels as it did before Washington withdrew from the accord, an Iranian official has said on Thursday .

"We are not asking Europeans to invest in Iran... We only want to sell our oil," the official told reporters in Vienna on condition of anonymity, ahead of talks on Friday aimed at saving the deal.

Current tensions between Iran and the United States spiked when Washington ended exemptions it had offered some countries since November to continue buying limited amount of Iranian oil.

Iran daily exports had dropped to around one million barrels since the fall of last year, but it still gave Iran some hard currency it needed to prevent a total economic disaster.

At the end of April the U.S. ended the exemptions and announced a total ban on Iran's oil exports. Fearing that Iran might retaliate with violent means against US forces or its allies in the region the Trump administration sent additional forces and tensions kept rising.

On Thursday reports indicted that French President Emmanuel Macron is planning to convince Donald Trump to reduce sanctions as a way of toning down tensions with Iran.

With reporting by Reuters