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Disgruntled Worker In Iran Sets Mayor On Fire

Nodezh mayor's car after disgruntled worker set it on fire.

A worker who was fired from a municipality in Iran’s Kerman Province set the mayor and his car on fire.

The government news agency IRNA reports that the worker was angry and threatened the mayor many times before he acted, pouring gasoline into the mayor’s car while he was inside and igniting the vehicle.

IRNA does not mention the worker’s name in Nodezh municipality, but says that the mayor has sustained serious injuries. He has been transferred to a hospital in Bandar Abbas in southern Iran and is expected to survive.

The conservative Tasnim news agency says the assailant has psychological disorders and he started making threats after he was fired.

Tasnim quotes a local official who says the worker showed up in the mayor’s office on March 14 and repeated his threats. He was not taken seriously, but when the mayor got into his car the assailant carried out his threat.

The mayor sustained wounds on his upper body, with second degree burns. The worker has fled after the attack.

A city hall official told local reporters that the worker was fired several times before because he was the most disorganized employee in the municipality.

But in recent months there have been many labor protests in Iran and individual acts of desperation by workers who lost their jobs or did not get paid for months.