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Two More Anti-Hijab Protesters Arrested In Iran

Assault on a woman protester who removed her hijab
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This video clip circulated on social media shows a plain-cloths agent throwing a women protester to the ground. February 21, 2018

The protests of individual women in Iran against compulsory veil continues, as more women remove their head-scarfs in public as a sign of defiance.

Authorities also continue their crackdown against these protesters. Radio Farda has learned that from Wednesday to Thursday, two more women who have come to be known as “women of Revolution Street” were detained.

One of them is Shaparak Shajarizadeh who was arrested on Wednesday and the family says she was assaulted during the arrest.

A video circulated on social media shows another female protester who is standing on a pedestal with her head-scarf removed is pushed and thrown to the ground by plain-cloths security agent.

The first such protest took place at the end of December, when a lone woman stood on an electricity box on Revolution street, removed here veil and held it high. Later, it was reported that her name is Vida Movahed, who was detained and released.

Well-known human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh has taken up the defense of Shajarizadeh. In an interview with Radio Farda she said that the young woman was assaulted after her arrest on February 21, in the detention facility where she was being held.

The attorney also disclosed during the interview that Shajarizadeh had contacted her about two weeks ago, complaining about certain threats made against her and asked for legal protection in case she gets arrested.

It is not clear why she was being harassed, but she decided to remove her veil to protest compulsory hijab rules.