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Women Activists Summoned By A Notorious Court In Iran

The notorious Evin Prison in Tehran, undated.

The Iranian government's official news agency IRNA has reported November 6 that nine women's rights activists have been called to appear at a court.

A lawyer representing the activists told IRNA that "This week the Evin court has sent a summons to a group of women activists, who are nine as of now but their number could increase".

The court sending the summons is located in Tehran's notorious prison Evin, where many activists and political prisoners are usually interrogated and detained.

The lawyer, Amir Raiesian added that the reason mentioned in the court's summons refers to "presenting some explanations", without any specifics.

A women's rights activist who wanted to remain anonymous told IRNA that nine women have received the summons to appear at Evin on various dates next week.

The courts in Iran are controlled by hardliners who are accountable to the Islamic Republic's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. They often act swiftly and harshly against dissidents and civic activists with vague accusations and closed door trials.

President Hassan Rouhani's administration, which controls IRNA, sometimes attempts to defer with the conservative Judiciary in cases related to the rights of activist defendants.