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Woman Arrested For Publishing Images To Promote Her Store

People arrested in Iran's Sistan-Baluchistan province for involvement in modelling . File photo

A female owner of a women’s clothing store who published promotional photos and videos on a social media platform has been arrested in northern Iran,

The state-run TV website quoted colonel Issa Roshanghalb as saying, “The 36 year-oil woman owns an apparel store and for promotional purposes published obscene photos and videos on a foreign social media platform.”

He added that the Islamic Republic’s Judiciary issued an arrest warrant and she has been detained. It is not clear exactly when the arrest took place.

The senior police officer added that her business has been closed down and sealed.

No further information was provided about who were in the published images and which social media platform was used.

In 2018, several photographers were arrested for publishing modelling photos on Instagram.

In recent years, the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps have launched “Project Spider 2” to identify and arrest people involved in modelling activities.

Iranian authorities invest a lot of resources and manpower to enforce Islamic dress code and other social restrictions.