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Iran Warned The US Against An Attack Via Swiss Diplomatic Channel

IranianPresident Hassan Rouhani chairs a cabinet meeting in the capital Tehran on September 18, 2019

Tehran has warned the United States via Switzerland that if any attack takes place against Iran, “The response will not be limited to the source of the threat”.

The official government IRNA news website said on Wednesday, the foreign ministry has sent a note to the U.S. via Swiss diplomatic channels saying it was not responsible for the September 14 attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil installations.

IRNA says the note was handed to the Swiss ambassador in Tehran on Monday, September 16.

Meanwhile, President Hassan Rouhani in his weekly cabinet meeting Wednesday repeated previous statements that Iran had no role in the attack on Saudi targets, insisting that “Yemenis themselves” retaliated against Saudi Arabia.

Rouhani added that by blaming Iran, the U.S. policy of maximum pressure has turned into a policy of “maximum accusations”.

The Trump administration has blamed Iran for the attack and has announced it is reviewing a possible range of responses.