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Iran To Teach US 'Crimes And Conspiracies' At Schools And Universities

Several people walk on U.S. and Israeli flags while many others avoid stepping on the flags by walking around them, at the Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran, January 12, 2020

Iran is set to add "America's Crimes and Conspiracies" as a new topic to the curriculum of local schools and universities, according to a decision by parliament.

The new topic will be taught at universities from the next Iranian academic year, September 23, 2020, the General Manager of Higher Education Planning Department at the Islamic Republic Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (MSRT) announced.

It is still not clear when the subject will enter into the curriculum of schools.

"The new topic will be finalized within the next three months," MSRT official, Mohammad Reza Ahanchian, said.

Earlier on November 4, Majles (Iranian parliament) had passed a motion requiring the government to teach "American crimes and conspiracies" at schools and universities across the country.

The Islamic Republic President, Hassan Rouhani, signed the law on January 22 and ordered ministries of Education and MSRT to implement it.

Under the law, the Minister of Education who deals with schools and Minister of Science, Research and Technology, and Health minister are obliged to disseminate "historical documents" and evidence on worldwide crimes, conspiracies, betrayals, interventions and interference of the "arrogant powers," specifically the United States of America.

While discussing the motion at a public session of Majles last November, the chairman of parliament's Education and Research Commission, Mohammad Mehdi Zahedi, had noted that in view of the Islamic Republic Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's directive, the government should accelerate the implementation of the law.