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Iran Claims Another IS Plot Uncovered And Foiled

Iranian Minister for Intelligence Mahmud Alavi.
Iranian Minister for Intelligence Mahmud Alavi.

Iranian security forces have reportedly arrested members of a group linked to Islamic State which had planned bombings and suicide attacks in religious centers, according to state television and a brief statement by the Intelligence Ministry.

Intelligence Ministry agents "were able to arrest a group linked to Daesh (Islamic state) that intended to carry out terror operations in religious cities ..., and (seized) explosive and suicide attack equipment," the television said. It did not say how many militants were held.

The intelligence Ministry statement says its forces confiscated three Kalashnikov rifles, night vision goggles, three suicide belts, three phones for remote detonation, a large amount of bullets and other technical tools for making bombs.

The arrests came days after Iranian Revolutionary Guards fired missiles from western Iran into eastern Syria, aiming at bases of the Islamic State which had claimed responsibility for twin attacks that killed 18 people in Tehran on June 7.

The attacks by the Sunni Muslim militants at Iran's parliament and near the mausoleum of the Islamic Republic's founder exacerbated regional tensions.

Since the Tehran attacks, Iranian authorities have announced many raids and arrests of terror suspects but so far they have not shown any evidence to the media.

Reporting based on Reuters, AP, Iranian agencies