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Iran Tells France To Show 'Self-Restraint' In Dealing With Protestors

France -- Demonstrators clash with riot police at the Arc de Triomphe, December 1, 2018

Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi has advised the French government and police “to be self-restrained” in dealing with protestors.

In his daily briefing on Monday Qasemi said, “I think using violent methods, destructive actions and confrontation is less effective in today’s conditions to attain success and reach one’s desired goals.”

Qasemi added, “Our advice to the French government and police is to be self-restrained. We also tell those on the streets that engaging in hostile and violent actions can further complicate matters.”

The Islamic Republic has used overwhelming force on many occasions in the past twenty years to suppress student and other protests, especially the mass demonstrations in 2009, in the wake of controversial presidential elections.

Dozens of protestors were killed in 2009 and hundreds imprisoned in Iran. Several detainees died in prison and those who were freed spoke of torture and inhumane treatment.

In the last major nation-wide protests last December-January 25 people were confirmed dead and close to 5,000 arrested.