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Protests Spread To Tehran And Many Other Cities

Protest in Tehran, August 02, 2018.
Protest in Tehran, August 02, 2018.

Videos received by Radio Farda show that protests in various Iranian cities have finally reached Tehran, where protesters marched and shouted slogan against the Islamic Republic.

Videos show hundreds of protesters marching clenched fists in the center of the city and chanting against the clergy and shouting "Death to Kahmenei". In recent months, protests in Iran have turned directly and vocally against the whole regime, particularly the Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei.

In new protests, which erupted this week, Tehran was relatively quiet as Isfahan, Gohar Dasht and Shiraz witnessed unrest. Early Thursday evening protests spread to Tehran.

Protesters in Tehran set a garbage can on fire

According to some reports received by Radio Farda, security forces have a heavy presence in the city center and in the capital's northern neighborhoods. Some reports also speak of sporadic clashes between protesters and the security forces, but at this time it is not possible to independently verify these reports.

Earlier there were reports of a protest gathering in one district of Tehran on Thursday morning, but the evening marches were in the more prominent part of the city.

Protest in Ahvaz, August 2

Other reports speak of similar protests in Ahvaz, the center of the oil-producing Khuzestan province in the southwest. Also, there are reports of unrest in Hamadan in the west and in the city of Arak.

Other videos show protests in various areas close to Tehran. One video from Karaj area shows protesters chanting, "No Gaza, No Lebanon - We sacrifice for Iran".