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Police Kill Criminal In Tehran Shootout

The scene of a shootout between police and criminals in Tehran, June 17, 2017

Police opened fire on a vehicle on Monday morning, July 17, at Tehran Olympic Village Square killing one and wounding another passenger.

“Police received a report on a robbery at 4:00 am. The victim described the burglars as two men and a woman,” Tasnim News Agency quoted Tehran’s police chief, General Hossein Sajedinia, as saying.

“Police on patrol in the area immediately spotted the bandits and tried to catch them in a car chase”, Sajedinia added.

“Warning shots were fired but the driver of the vehicle refused to pull over and tried to get away,” maintained the police commander, adding, “[Therefore] the police had to shoot at their car, [and consequently], the woman was killed and one of the men was injured while another man was arrested after trying to give police the slip.”

The burglars, according to Tasnim, were two men and one woman, whereas Mehr and IRIB News Agencies reported that there were only two passengers inside the vehicle.

General Sajedinia also said that all the burglars had a criminal record with various offences including forced robbery, kidnapping and rape.