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Supreme Leader Representative Says ‘Crusades’ Not Over

Iran's supreme Leader chief of staff Mohammad Mohammadi Golpayegani

Confrontation with the Islamic Republic is “rebellion,” maintains the Supreme Leader’s chief of staff, Mohammad Mohammadi Golpayegani, adding, the Crusades have not yet ended and the reason behind Lebanese Hezbollah’s “continuous victories” is Iran’s support for the group.

Golpayegani, who was speaking on August 17, implicitly accused Saudis of being “traitors who are usurpers of the guardianship of twin sanctuaries,” referring to the sacred Islamic cities of Mecca and Medina.

Saudi Arabia, because of its monarchy, Golpayegani claimed, is in a “grave situation.”

“Contrary to some undemocratic regimes in the region, Iran is based on the people’s will and 99 percent of the people have voted for it,” he said.

Therefore, the mid-ranking cleric concluded, any opposition to Iran’s “legitimate and democratic system” or resistance is tantamount to an “insurgency.”

“One of the most obvious specific features of Iran is its commitment to her promises,” boasted Golpayegani, noting, “Tehran’s support of the Palestinians’ Intifada and Lebanese Hezbollah are indications of that.”

Iranian authorities have repeatedly declared that they support Lebanese Hezbollah. Recently, Hezbollah Chairman Sheik Hassan Nasrullah also overtly admitted that Tehran foots the bill of the group’s expenses.

“Our budget is transparent, including our income and expenses. Whatever we eat or drink, as well as the cost of our rockets and missiles, is paid by Iran. … As long as Iran has money, we will have money, too,” Nasrullah proudly announced.

His unprecedented comments were published at a time when bank accounts related to Hezbollah’s were blocked.

Meanwhile, Golpayegani referred to the “Western hostility” toward Iran, asserting that “the Crusades have not yet ended.”

Comparing Western opposition to Iran with Crusades, he said, “[the United States] and ruling criminals are not afraid of our nuclear program, since they know we are not trying to make nuclear bombs. …Their fundamental problem is Iran itself.”

As to the reason for the hostility, Golpayegani volunteered an answer: “Because Iran has become a model for the other countries. They [the West] cannot see that Iranians live in full peace and safety while other countries of the region are in turmoil.”

Islamic republic officials reject all the international criticism about their violations of human rights at home and what is seen as their destabilizing role in the region, through support for groups such as Hezbollah.

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has repeatedly insisted that tackling Iran’s nuclear row will not lead to an end of the West’s animosity and rather the hostility will continue through raising other matters, such as human rights issues in Iran.