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Students, Labor Groups Voice Support For Shush Workers

Workers of Iran Haft-Tappeh sugar cane factory and their supporters protest in Shush. Week of November 15-21.

A group of students at Tehran University held a protest on Tuesday to show support for the workers of Haft-Tapeh sugar cane factory in Shush, southwestern Iran.

Video clips published on social media show the students holding placards saying, "We are children of workers, we will stand by them" and "Detained workers must be freed".

The Haft-Tapeh workers have been on strike and protesting for more than two weeks for their unpaid wages and other grievances. On Sunday, security forces arrested 18 workers, among them some labor leaders. Later, they released most of the detainees but the labor leaders are still being held.

Other labor groups, teachers' unions and associations of retired workers and teachers have already voiced support for Shush workers.

While protests in Shush still continue, workers demand four months of unpaid wages as well as control of the sugar factory. The authorities have rejected the demand.

Workers argue that the owner, who received the factory from the state for a small fee a few years ago, has disappeared and the factory has been left to its fate.