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Shootings At Parliament And Khomeini Mausoleum; At Least Nine Killed

Members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard secure the area outside the Iranian parliament during an attack on the complex in the capital Tehran, June 7, 2017
  • Islamic State Group has released video allegedly from inside Iranian parliament building and has claimed responsibility for attack.
  • Deputy Interior Minister says attackers surrounded in parliament
  • IRGC Commander reportedly present in parliament.
  • One gunman exits building and returns due to heavy security siege.
  • MPs guarded by security forces in small groups.

Two deadly attacks target heavily guarded locations in Iran's capital leaving at least nine dead and several injured, state media report.

In the shoot-out at Ayatollah Khomeini's Mausoleum in Southern Tehran, two suicide bombers entered the mausoleum at 10:40 AM local time.

One suicide bomber successfully detonated the explosives and the other one was reportedly shot dead by security forces. Jamaran website, the official site run by the mausoleum, confirmed two killed during the incident, a guard and an employee.

At 10:30 local time, news agencies reported that armed men shot at parliament guards and entered the administrative building. But apparently they were not able to reach the main assembly hall, where parliament was in session. It seems the gunmen remained in that building and spread to upper floors, where more shootings took place.

Seven people have been killed at the parliament and two at the Mausoleum according to latest reports. Also 35 people have been wounded and four have been taken hostage according to Iranian Labor News Agency (ILNA).

An alleged photo of a gunman at Iranian Parliament
An alleged photo of a gunman at Iranian Parliament

​Iranian state broadcaster quotes a parliament deputy, Elias Hazrati, as saying that three armed men are involved and are armed with two AK47 assault rifles and one handgun.

Agencies also report that entrances and exits have been locked down and members of parliament who were in session cannot leave the building.


Iran -- Suicide bomb detonated at Ayatollah Khomeini's tomb, 07Jun2017
Iran -- Suicide bomb detonated at Ayatollah Khomeini's tomb, 07Jun2017

Iranian Parliament under attack
Iranian Parliament under attack

ILNA news agency reports that one person was killed and five injured at this incident.

The state broadcaster reported that four attackers were involved at the mausoleum site.

Video shows the vicinity of parliament and security forces arriving on motorbikes.

It is not clear if the incident at the mausoleum is over or not.

Unverified reports state that reports say that four attackers are dead in parliament, but not clear if the attack has ended.