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Iran's Revolutionary Guard Says It Killed 10 Militants On Iraqi Border

IRGC members on parade (file photo)
IRGC members on parade (file photo)

Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) says its forces have killed 10 militants in a Kurdish region near the border with Iraq.

In a statement carried by Iran’s state news agency IRNA on August 11, the IRGC said the 10 belonged to a “well-equipped terrorist group” and that several other militants were wounded in the clashes late on August 10.

The IRGC did not say whether its forces suffered casualties.

The IRGC said it had confiscated a “remarkable” quantity of arms, ammunition, and communications equipment.

The fighting took place near the mainly Kurdish town of Oshnavieh.

It so not possible to independently verify claims made by Iranian security forces in most cases when they say they have uncovered or killed militants or confiscated weapons. They rarely produce evidence or hold public trials.

The area has witnessed occasional clashes between Iranian forces and Kurdish separatists, as well as Islamic State-linked militants.

In July, there were at least two clashes in the mountainous border area, in which at least 10 IRGC forces and three militants were killed.

Based on reporting by Reuters and AP