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Rouhani Voices Support For Khamenei's 'Second Phase'

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. File photo
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. File photo

One day after Iran's Supreme Leader announced the "Second phase of Islamic Revolution", President Hassan Rouhani has pledged his full support.

In a letter to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Rouhani has said, “I will instruct the government to prioritize the realization of your intentions”.

In a well-publicized statement issued on February 13 on the 40th anniversary of Iran’s 1979 revolution, Khamenei said his regime is prepared to correct its mistakes but will not revise its leading principles. The statement was meant to be a guideline for the next ten years.

Among other things, Khamenei mentioned his foreign policy repeating his attacks on the United States and Israel.

According to Mehr news agency, Rouhani in his letter expresses his agreement with Khamenei, saying the statement “Clearly delineates the precise boundary between flexibility and self-correction, and passivity or retreat”.

Khamenei’s statement to the effect that the Islamic Republic is not willing to change its fundamental course and Rouhani’s backing stand in contrast with a rising tide of both domestic and foreign demands for major change.

Iran has been rocked by mass protests and strikes for more than a year and demands from even within the regime for reforms.