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Reformist Council Demands Rouhani Consult For New Cabinet

Reformist member of parliament, Mohammad Reza Aref in a parliament session, April 23, 2017.

The of head Supreme Policy Commission of Iran’s reformists has said that they played the major role in President Hassan Rouhani’s victory in the presidential elections and he expects the president to consult with reformists in forming his new cabinet.

Mohammad Reza Aref, a prominent leader in the reformist camp in a meeting of the group on Thursday, added that they are not after “grabbing their share”, but “as far as there is no doubt Rouhani owes his victory to reformists, our request is that he consults” with reformist leadership.

ISNA reports that Aref in joking tone said, “Some win and then forget who worked hard and this is my complaint.”

Aref’s statement received a sharp reaction from Choice, a website supporting Rouhani. “Aref is not going to let this go. He is a person who suddenly became important when many of the main reformist figures either took a back seat or were pushed aside in recent years.”

Choice in a harsh tone added, “Now, after the elections, Aref thinks Rouhani owes him and his fake council of reformists and he is after getting a share”.

In the past also there have been several unfriendly exchanges between reformist politicians and some officials close to Rouhani.