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Iran Responds To Trump: No Talks Under Economic Sanctions, Even With Biden

Abbas Mousavi, the spokesman for Iranian Foreign Ministry, gives a press conference in the capital Tehran. FILE PHOTO.

Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman on Monday said despite President Donald Trump's claims, Iran will not engage in any negotiations with the United States as long as economic pressures and sanctions continue.

"They are probably figuring they can wait and maybe it will be Biden and they will own America if Biden gets in and they know with me it doesn't work that way," President Donald Trump declared on Sunday about making a deal with Iran at a press conference in response to a reporter's question. The reporter asked if he was considering giving aid to Iran when the Democrats are looking for $5 billion in aid to Iran in view of the coronavirus pandemic.

"If they needed ventilators, we have thousands of ventilators currently on hand and ventilators under construction…We would certainly be willing to help and what they should do is be smart and make a deal.

When asked to comment on President Trump's remarks the Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Mousavi said: "Trump has previously made similar claims. Recently he said he had received a letter from the North Korean Leader which they denied. He wants attention. Trump speaks in a humiliating manner, the way they deserve themselves. They say they are prepared to donate ventilators to Iran when they need medical equipment themselves".

"We will not engage in any talks as long as the United States continues its economic terrorism and other pressures and sanctions against us," he added.

Referring to a tweet by Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif on Sunday Mousavi said Zarif has given "a decisive answer" to President Trump's offer of ventilators in return for talks.

In his tweet on Sunday Zarif said Iran will be exporting ventilators in a few months. " All you need to do is stop interfering in the affairs of other nations; mine especially. And believe me, we do not take advice from any American politician," he added.