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Iran 'Reformists' Desperate To Grab Khamenei's Attention

Iran-- File Photo: Mohsen Rohami and Rassoul Montajabnia, two reformist politicians

The former acting deputy to the secretary-general of reformist party National Trust has disclosed that Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has agreed after a long time to receive letters from some reformists.

Rassoul Montajabnia told Khabar Online website on Saturday July 13 that reformist are happy about Khamenei's move and "take it as a privilege" although he does not reply to their letters.

Montajabnia said that he and another reformist, Mohsen Rohami met with Khamenei last year.

Neither the two clerics, nor Khamenei's office have ever said anything about what happened during the meeting. However, during the past year, Iranian reformists have been desperately trying to please Khamenei by taking political stances that echoed his positions.

Reformists were pushed out of most major government offices since 2005 when ultraconservative President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad took office, and Khamenei has frequently criticized reform-minded politicians for their "lack of vision."

Reform leaders such as former President Mohammad Khatami, who staunchly support Khamenei's system, and call for reforms within the Islamic Republic regime, are deprived of media presence and Iranian newspapers and broadcast media are not allowed to show his pictures or even name him in relevant news reports.

Montajabnia told Khabar Online: "The leader gave us the permission to write letters to him and even voice our criticism. This is a privilege for reformists even if he does not reply."

However, he did not say if he or other reformists have ever written letters to Khamenei. The party's leader Mehdi Karroubi has been under house arrest since 2011.