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Islamic Prosecutor Attacks Iranian Activist Who Met Pompeo

Mohammad Jaafar Montazeri , Iran`s attorney general.

In a speech published on Wednesday, February 6, Islamic republic's attorney general claims to have “a lot of documents about “infiltration” and attacked a wide swath of Iranian opposition, from monarchists to the Mojahedin group and even a women’s rights activist, Masih Alinejad.

Infiltration or the tide of infiltration is used by the Islamic Republic to label critics based abroad as instruments of foreign governments, notably the United States.

Alinejad, who as a journalist being harassed left Iran in 2009 established women’s anti-hijab movements via social media that resonated in Iran. She met on February 4 with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, where she asked support for Iranian dissidents and activists.

The prosecutor, Mohammad Jaafar Montazeri claimed that Iran’s Judiciary has a lot of documents in intelligence organs and is ready to publish them; after vetting to preserve intelligence methods and sources.

Montazeri in one part of his speech attacked Alinejad using offensive language. He also mentioned the activist’s meeting with Pompeo.