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Rouhani Winner of Presidential Election

Iranian President Hassan Rohani casts his vote during the presidential election in Tehran, May 19, 2017

Iranian interior minister, Abdolreza Rahmani Fazi in televised address announced the incumbent, President Hassan Rouhani as the official winner of May 19 election.

The final vote Tally is as follows:

  • Total votes cast : 41,220,131 or 73% of eligible voters
  • Hassan Rouhani 23, 549,616 or 57% of total votes
  • Ebrahim Raisi 15,786,449 or 38% of total votes
  • Mostafa Mirsalim 478,215
  • Mostafa Hashemi Taba 215,450
  • Void ballots 1,190,401

According to Iran's elections laws the winner of presidential race must get a minimum of 50%+1 vote of all ballots cast. In last election in 2013, Rouhani received 50.71% of the vote.

This means that despite lack of progress on economic front, the voters decided to give the incumbent a second chance, with a strong vote margin. Many voters have also been dissatisfied with lack of individual, social and political freedoms, sine the 1979 Iranian revolution. Rouhani had also failed to deliver on most of his promises to free political prisoners and bring more freedoms to the citizenry.

However, many voters still hoped that Rouhani, who during this campaign harshly criticized the conservatives, was the more likely candidate to address their concerns.

Rouhani's first vice president, Eshagh Jahangiri in a tweet thanked the people for having cast "24 million votes" as a sign of trust in the incumbent.