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Iran Parliament Proposes Law To Establish 'Virtual Embassy' For Palestine

Islamic Consultative Assembly, also called the Iranian Parliament, or Iranian Majles, is the national legislative body of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iranian lawmakers on Monday voted for a "double urgency" motion which obliges the Foreign Ministry to take measures to establish a "virtual" Iranian embassy or consulate for Palestine.

Article 2 of the proposed law requires the Foreign Ministry to submit its plan for establishing the virtual embassy of the Islamic Republic.

Since its establishment the Islamic Republic has refused to recognize Israel and based on an unwritten law has even prohibited Iranian athletes to compete with Israelis at international sporting events.

According to article one of the proposed law, all governmental organizations are required to employ all national, regional and international capacities to counter the "hostile activities of the Zionist regime against the oppressed people of Palestine, Islamic countries and the Islamic Republic of Iran" in various areas including electronic warfare and Israeli "attempt at annexing more land in Palestine, parts of Syria and Golan Heights and other occupied territories".

On May 17 the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of the Parliament removed a controversial parliamentary motion that would ban "any competition or sporting event, whether formal or preparatory" between Iranian athletes and teams with Israeli opponents. Critics of the proposed law had warned that if passed, it would push the country to the verge of becoming an outcast in international sports events.

Iran has held nationwide anti-Israeli rallies on the last Friday of Ramadhan for decades but this year the planned rallies have been called off due to the coronavirus epidemic. The day, however, will be marked by a speech by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei who will address the nation on television.