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Iran Minister Says Cyber-Attacks Not Successful

Mohammadjavad Azari Jahromi, Iranian minister of ICT in Hassan Rouhani's cabinet.

Iran’s minister of communication and information technology in a reaction to reports of U.S. cyber-attacks has said that these attempts were not successful.

Mohammad Azari Jahromi reacting to local media said in a tweet there were 33 million cyber-attacks during the past Iranian year (March 21, 2019-March 20, 2019) but Iran’s defensive wall “none of the attacks were successful”.

U.S. news outlets reported over the weekend that the United States launched cyberattacks against Iranian military computer systems on June 20, hours after Iran downed a U.S. surveillance drone.

The Washington Post and AP, citing unnamed U.S. officials, on June 22 reported that the strikes were conducted with the approval of President Donald Trump.

Except the minister’s tweet, Iranian officials have not responded to the reports of the U.S. cyber-attack.

Iran claims to have recently set up a formidable cyber-defense system called Dezhfa, which can withstand any attack or attempts of intrusion. It also controls internal internet traffic, blocking millions of websites and monitoring social media.