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Milk Factory Workers Demand IRGC Give Back Their Lands

Iran- Milk factory workers demanding IRGC to return their lands. December 8, 2018

Workers of Pegah milk factory in Tehran gathered in front of the Iranian Judiciary's headquarters on Saturday to protest the seizure of their lands by the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), the foreign-based independent Iranian Labor Union reported.

According to the labor union, the workers had protested at the same place before but their grievance was not heard by officials.

The Union quoted workers as saying that Pegah Milk Factory, which is part of the wealthy Pegah Holding, allocated a 150,000 square meter plot of land in Hakimieh, Northeast of Tehran, to the milk factory workers' housing project some 20 years ago.

However, IRGC later seized the lands and did not give them back to workers even after a Tehran court ruled that it should return the property to the workers.

On banners displayed by workers during their protest they said it was embarressing for them to tell their children that their lands were seized by revolutionary guards.

Last year, Islamic Republic's leader, told a group of state officials that land grabbing was an unacceptable behavior and the Judiciary should prevent powerful state organizations from usurping lands that belong to others.

He said he had noticed that land grabbers had seized and developed real estate near the mountains North of Iran. Iranian media have also at times complained about powerful organizations grabbing land near the Caspian Sea and sometimes even in the middle of forests in Iran's northern provinces.