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Iran Marks Anniversary Of U.S. Embassy Seizure

This is the entrance to the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, Iran where 63 people are being held hostage, seen in 1980. Graffiti on the wall at left reads: "Dear American minority, brothers and sisters (Blacks and Indians) study the holy Koran and start a revolu

Thousands of Iranians marched in Tehran to mark the anniversary of the 1979 seizure of the U.S. Embassy that led Washington to cut diplomatic ties with Iran.

The demonstrators gathered at the former U.S. Embassy in the Iranian capital where the crowd chanted "Death to Israel" and "Down with the U.S." during the celebration.

Similar events were being staged across the country as well, Iranian state television reported.

Demonstrators burned an effigy of U.S. President Donald Trump as well as Israeli and U.S. flags.

On November 4, 1979, Iranian militant students stormed the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, taking 52 Americans hostage for 444 days after Washington refused to hand over Iran's toppled shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, for trial in Iran.

The two countries have had no diplomatic relations since then.

Based on reporting by AP and Fars