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Iran Lawmaker Criticizing Intelligence Organs Summoned To Court

Mahmoud Sadeqi, Tehran's representative in parliament and a frequent critic of hardliners in Iran. File photo

An outspoken member of the Iranian parliament, who often criticizes heavy-handed policies, has been summoned to court for a speech he made in 2016.

In a tweet, Mahmoud Sadeqi (Sadeghi) disclosed that the first session of the hearing to review charges against will be held Saturday at Branch 28 of the Islamic Revolutionary Court.

Sadeqi says that the prosecutor has accused him of anti-establishment propaganda, adding that a judiciary official at the Media and Culture Court of Tehran has file a complaint against him.

The charges against Sadeqi refer to a speech he delivered on December 6, 2016, at Amir Kabir University in Tehran.

However, Sadeqi insists that the lawsuit is based on "out of context" parts of his speech.

During the speech, Sadeqi had referred to corruption in the Islamic Republic and the role of the country's Judiciary in spreading it. In recent months, as a new Judiciary chief took over the court system in Iran, numerous corruption cases have emerged involving judges.

Lawyer and academic, Sadeqi, 57, represents the capital Tehran and is famous for criticizing the Judiciary and intelligence services of the Islamic Republic.

On August 17, he put forward a parliamentary motion to summon the Intelligence Minister for questioning on forced confessions in Iranian prisons, Radio Farda reported.

The motion was presented after an interview aired on the BBC Persian during which Maziar Ebrahimi, a former inmate, detailed how he and eleven others were tortured into confessing that they had assassinated a nuclear scientist in coordination with Israeli secret agents.

Ebrahimi and all other detained suspects were later acquitted.