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Three Party Venues Raided By Police In Kerman

Three “night party centers” were uncovered and eighteen arrested in Kerman, Revolutionary and General Court Prosecutor of the city, Dadkhoda Salari, announced, on Tuesday, August 8.

“Based on a special plan to fight against vice and debauchery, eighteen people were arrested for holding night parties in Kerman suburbs”, Mizan, the judiciary’s news website quoted Salari as saying.

“The centers, comprised of three garden-houses, were uncovered after meticulous police and security forces operations,” Salari maintained, adding “Eighteen people in charge of holding night parties were arrested”.

According to Salari, “night parties” indicate to the fact that “the enemy has crossed our borders and infiltrated our families and society”.

Without elaborating on the term “enemy”, Salari cautioned, “Not only the prosecutor’s office will not stand idly, but in a revolutionary way, will fight against any sign of deviation and debauchery”.

During past two years, the number of raids on parties and party related detentions has significantly risen in Iran.

Reportedly, the increased number is a response to the Supreme Leader’s call for fighting against what he has described as “social harms”.

Attacking and breaking up parties were quite rife after the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran but it gradually died down.

However, in past two years, even family parties, including wedding and birthday parties have not been immune from police and security forces assaults.

The Supreme Leader, ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s remarks on “social harm” has apparently led to reducing the judiciary and police forces’ tolerance toward parties that they might interpret as deviant and immoral.

Meanwhile, Kerman’s Revolutionary and General Court Prosecutor, Salari is set to become the star of recent anti-party operations.

Three months ago, Salari was at the center of a similar police operation against a mixed-gender party in Kerman that put 55 persons behind bars.

As a rule, the judiciary describes the detainees as elements of corruption, prostitution, illegal sexual relations, perversion and alcohol drinking.

A dual American-Iranian citizen and his wife have been sentenced to death by an Iranian court after being convicted of founding a “cult” and “holding mixed parties” that involved serving alcohol, the Financial Times reported March 13, 2017.

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