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Reports Say Another IRGC General Killed In Syria

Shahroukh Daeepur, an IRGC general said to be anti-tank warfare specialist was killed in Syria.

Reports from Iran indicate that another commander if Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) has been killed in Syria.

Fars news agency, close to IRGC, says that General "Shahrokh Daeepur, one the commanders present in Syria" was killed on June 22.

Fars says that Daeepur was an experts in anti-tank warfare and had served in the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s. He also provided expertise to Lebanese Hezbollah "in recent years".

Fars also adds that the IRGC general commanded battle forces and directed battles in Syria.

Iran often dismisses accusations that its forces take part in actual battles in Syria and insists it only plays an advisory role in support of forces fighting for Bashar al-Assad.

According to the report, Daeepur was killed in Abu-Kamal in northeastern Syria, where Assad forces had pushed out the Islamic State group in recent months, but are facing a strong counter-attack.

There are no independent reports as to exactly where the Iranian general was killed. There have also been suspected Israeli air attacks recently against targets where pro-Iran forces are concentrated.

Daeepur was sent to Syria from the Iranian western province of Kermanshah.

In addition to its own forces, Iran also send Afghan, Pakistani and Iraqi recruits to fight in Syria. An Iranian official in charge of a "martyrs" foundation announced two years ago that around 2,100 "martyrs" had been killed "defending holy places" in Syria.

There have also been several senior Iranian commanders among the casualties in Syria.

Iran's official justification for its presence in Syria is "defending holy shrines", which basically centers around a shrine near Damascus.