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IRGC Denies 'Rumors' Of A Senior General Arrested In Dubai

Abdollah Abdollahi, the former head of the IRGC construction corporation Khatam-al Anbiya,

The spokesman of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps, IRGC, has denied 'rumors' about one of its seniors officers. Unconfirmed reports say that the officer was arrested in Dubai.

Some Persian-language news websites had reported that General Abdollah Abdollahi was arrested in the United Arab Emirates. One Twitter message even said that during his arrest $100 million in cash and a similar amount in gold was confiscated.

Abdollahi who was the head of Khatam al-Anbia, IRGC’s business and construction arm resigned from his position last month.

IRGC spokesman, Ramazan Sharif denied “the rumors” on Thursday, November 6, according to Sepah News, the website of IRGC, without refering to the specific news of the arrest. He added that Abdollahi is now “the advisor of IRGC chief commander in construction affairs”.

The spokesman also claimed that Mr. Abdollahi was present at a ceremony in a Tehran university on December 5. However, Radio Farda could not find any photo of him at the gathering.

No major media outlet or official source has confirmed the news about the arrest.

The IRGC spokesman also said that this is fake news put out “by enemy media to destroy the image of IRGC.”