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IRGC Commander Claims To Possess A Superior Missile

Brigadier General Hossein Salami, second-in-command of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. File photo

The deputy head of Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) has said Iran has developed a ballistic missile, which is more accurate than U.S. and Russian missiles.

IRNA quoted General Hossein Salami on Monday as praising the successes of the Islamic Republic, including the development of a missile that can target moving sea vessels with the highest accuracy.

Salami claimed, “I am saying that today we can launch a missile, which can hit a moving vessel with hundred percent accuracy – and it is not a cruise missile, it is a ballistic missile that re-enters the atmosphere with eight times the speed of sound…and I can say with confidence that neither the U.S. nor Russia have this technology – it belongs only to Iran.”

The IRGC general compared the Iranian missile with Russia’s Iskander short range advanced ballistic missile, claiming that while Iskander is for “fixed targets” the Iranian missile is more advanced.

IRNA’s report does not mention the name of the Iranian missile, but Radio Farda’s military analyst Hossein Aryan says that the weapon in question is most probably the “Persian Gulf” ballistic missile with 300-kilometer range, which is a more advanced version of Fateh 110 missile.

Aryan says that although Iran has made strides in missile development but there is a trend of Iranian boastfulness, when it comes to its arsenal.

According to Aryan, Iranian commanders have often claimed that “Persian Gulf” has been developed to attack American aircraft carriers, “but its effectiveness and accuracy have not been proven”.