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Guardian Council Approves Presidential Election

Voters during the Iranian presidential election, May 19, 2017

Islamic Republic’s Guardian Council has certified the integrity of the May 19 elections, the spokesperson of the interior ministry announced on Tuesday, May 30.

Salman Samani told reporters that the Guardian Council in a letter says that after reviewing all complaints about election irregularities, “According to the article 79 of the presidential election law in general has verified the integrity of the 12th presidential election.”

He added that some of the complaints received have been referred to judicial authorities.

Also, the spokesperson of the Guardian Council, Abbas Ali Kadkhodai announced on Tuesday, that complaints have been reviewed and even in some cases, inspectors have been set to local districts to investigate further.

Kadkhodai told the main television evening news that some complaints have been referred to the judiciary and some had no merit.

President Hassan Rouhani won the election by 57% of the vote, but his main challenger, Ebrahim Raisi complained several times after the vote that the Rouhani’s government used many public resources to tilt the election to the incumbents favor.

Rouhani has also complained that his opponent benefited from resources of religious and other conservative institutions. On social media, many Rouhani supporters claim that Raisi’s vote would be half of what it is, if he did not get unfair assistance. Raisi received 38% of the vote.