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Iran Guardian Council Addresses Pompeo In Rare English-Language Tweet

Iran -- Iranian Guardian Council of the Constitution Council spokesman Abbasali Kadkhodai

In a very rare move on Friday the Spokesman of Iran's constitutional and elections watchdog, the Guardian Council, addressed the U.S. Secretary of Mike Pompeo and told him to focus on Trump administration's legitimacy rather than interfering in Iran's domestic affairs.

The watchdog dominated with hardliner supporters of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei usually does not comment on foreign affairs and does not tweet in English.

On Thursday in a string of tweets Mike Pompeo had commented on the Guardian Council's mass disqualification of would-be candidates in the upcoming parliamentary elections, calling Iranian elections "publicly rigged".

In his tweet the spokesman of the Guardian Council directly addressed Pompeo and said he better focus on Trump administration's "many legitimacy issues" including interference in foreign elections, Trump's impeachment and the U.S. administration's promises not to start wars.

"Leave the fate of Iranian's to themselves," he told Pompeo and added: "We don't need lecturing on democracy from a country where people don't even get to decide directly who their president is!"

In his tweets on Thursday Pompeo had also charged that Iran consistently lies to the Iranian people and treats them with contempt. "The regime is losing legitimacy every day. The Ayatollah should listen to his own people, the world is listening", Pompeo had said in his tweet.