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Iran Government Spokesman Denies VP Suggested Rouhani Should Resign

President Hassan Rouhani (left) and First Vice President, Es'hagh Jahangiri in the palace of Supreme Leader, August 21, 2019.

Spokesperson of Iran’s presidential administration denied reports about the First Vice President suggesting resignation to President Hassan Rouhani. “The resignation of the president and the government has in no way been suggested and has no proponents”, Ali Rabiei said on Monday, December 16.

Some websites affiliated with Iran’s hardliners had reported in recent days that First Vice President Es’haq Jahangiri had suggested to Rouhani to resign. Rabiei categorically denied this.

He told reporters in Tehran that some individuals suggest the idea as a protest, because they believe, “if some people are not allowing the government to do its job, it is better to step aside and let those who are contenders to assume responsibility”.

In an interview with Seda Weekly recently, Abbas Abdi, a reformist politician and journalist said, "no administration or government can or should continue its work…with this level of tension [among the various factions of the state]" and called on Rouhani to resign.

Strangely, hardliners, who are Rouhanis ardent critics immediately reacted to Abdi’s suggestion saying the idea is a conspiracy to weaken Iran.

Rabiei also said that another group which brings up the issue of Rouhani’s resignation is his traditional opponents who want to replace him. He added that “these days will pass”.